The PrinceCharger


PrinceCharger is here – Ready to power your components?

What You Get

1 × PrinceCharger

1 × Accessory Box (Screwdriver, Spark plug wrench, pour spout etc)

1 × Battery jumber cables

1 × User Guide

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The PrinceCharger – Charge your everyday everywhere. 



  • Features:
    • Rated power 2,300 watts – max power 2500 watts. 
    • Capable of up to 6-8 Hours of Operation, on a full tank. 
    • Compact Suitcase Design, weighing Less than 44 lbs for Easy Handling. 
    • Silent generator with quiet Operation (59 dB). Makes it Virtually Silent from just 10 feet away. 
    • Princecharger stable Sine Wave Technology provides pure, safe electrical power for powering and charging. 
    • USB outlets are designed to recharge cellular telephones and laptops.
    • The parallel operation enables a Princecharger to connect with another Princecharger to double your output power.
    • The front panel has 1 x 230-Volt AC outlet, 2 x USB port (UP TO 3A Combined power), 1 x 12-Volt DC outlet, 1 x Parallel operation port
      1 x Power on/off, 1 x Eco On/off, 3 x led display (overload alarm, output indicator, low oil), Reset button, and grounding connection.
    • See more here


  • Dimensions 
    55 x 41 x 39 cm






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Weight 18 kg