Best in test Inverter Generators 1500-2500 watt | 2023

Maybe you need power for the construction site or you have jobs without access to power outlets. Maybe your camping trip and boat need an upgrade or you’ve had a power outage. Whatever the reason you need a generator, it’s all about choosing the right one.

In this post, we explore how PrinceCharger has captured the title of the best inverter generator of 2023 and set a new standard for gasoline generators with inverter technology.

It's the best inverter generator we've had for testing. Unlike many other generators that have been here, this one doesn't fluctuate in output or frequency - but is as reliable as the grid. The design is highly durable. This makes it our recommendation for anyone who needs portable power that is safe, reliable and especially for professional use.

Test winner in several media and critically acclaimed by professionals: Both the startup, D.I.G (Swedish), and BUP have all named PrinceCharger as a test winner in its class in their studies.

It did so after undergoing extensive testing involving everything from performance and fuel efficiency to noise levels, portability and price. After their tests, the conclusion was clear: PrinceCharger challenged the norms and stood out as an absolute test winner, performing significantly stronger in the tests than other inverter generators.

The renowned BUP (BackUpPowerworld), known for their strictly professional approach to product reviews in collaboration with media outlets like City News, couldn’t help but recognize PrinceCharger either.

We think you really get a lot for your money. It performs as well as much more expensive premium brands despite being half the price.

The PrinceCharger (Test winner 2023!)

In addition to being the best in test 2023, PrinceCharger is also a pioneer. It contains everything you would expect from a modern inverter generator.

2,300 watts (2500 max)

It does it all! Table saws, radiators, boat engines or washing machines. 2300 continuous watts is enough to run 250 light bulbs, 23 refrigerators, 4 corded drills or 3.5 camping heaters at the same time! The 2500 start wattage ensures safe start-up of even the most demanding tools such as angle grinders, table saws or other tools with high start-up consumption.

Up to 10 hours of operation!

No more running back and forth with the gas can. The drive time provides ample opportunity for a long workday or overnight stay.

Extremely quiet 50-59 dB(A)

It's the same as a quiet conversation, or a fridge. This makes it virtually silent from just 7 meters away. No more hearing protection, sleepless nights and annoying neighbors.

Lightweight and latest inverter technology

It's small and weighs 20 kg, while providing clean and safe power for all electrical appliances and machines. Just like a normal power outlet.
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