5 reasons why you need a portable generator

1. Portable generators work when everything else doesn't

A portable generator can be expensive – especially if you want something that doesn’t need to be replaced every season. So why invest in a portable/portable generator when you can just use a bunch of extension cords?

We’ve all experienced a power outage. Many people do this several times a year.

Imagine if you were actually prepared for the unexpected. It could save your workday, or all your frozen food. You can have electricity when all your neighbors don’t.

A portable generator with over 2000 watts is ideal as a backup generator for households.

2. You can get power anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re on a family trip to Sweden, having a road party or are in an awkward situation with no power outlets nearby – you can get power.

A portable generator makes it possible to do activities that require power anywhere. Of course, the best portable generator is one that can be carried around and isn’t too heavy. Preferably under 25 kg, and preferably an inverter – so you can plug in all your needs without any problems.

3. Save time and money

Maybe you run a business or are self-employed. A portable generator makes your work easier. You’ll never have to worry about where to get power again – and you won’t have to pull out a long extension cord or switch outlets every time you move. Similarly, if the power goes out in the building/house, you won’t get stuck.

Simply take your portable generator with you when you work. Remember, if you need a portable generator for larger operations and tools that are more demanding, get an inverter generator that can pull at least 1600watts – optimally 2000-2300watts. Otherwise, you may find that your portable generator is not strong enough.

As an example – a drill uses 400-600 watts. That means you could connect around 4 drills to a 2000 watt portable generator.

4. The best portable generators don't have to be expensive

Choose a generator that suits your needs. We recommend a 1500-1700 watt inverter generator to handle most tasks. If you have more demanding needs, you’ll need a 2000 watt generator. It should be easy to transport and of good quality.

And quality can be a mystery when it comes to portable generators. PrinceCharger specializes in inverter technology and portable generators, and has just released a new portable generator. It qualifies as the best on the market if you want a lightweight inverter generator with good quality and price. It weighs 20 kg and draws 2500 max watts – with automated rpm for better fuel economy and silent operation. It can be viewed and purchased here.

5. You can never predict an emergency

Not only can you use your portable generator for everyday purposes and weekend activities – it’s a safe backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Maybe your neighbor’s electric car runs out of power, there’s a big storm or you need to pump water out of your basement. No matter what disaster strikes, you’re prepared and can always make it through a week without power should it happen.

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