PrinceCharger’s portable generator gave us a better bottom line

PrinceChargers, helped Jesper's business take off!

We are the owners of a movie store in Aarhus. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and with great success! We sell and take photos and equipment for a living. Unfortunately, competition has become much more intense over the past few years, and the bottom line has shrunk as a result.

What could we change?
Therefore, we had to search high and low for other potential business avenues.

In our studio, we have a lot of equipment – both heavy cameras, but also lighting and sound equipment. It’s used by businesses and individuals (passport photos, couple photos, product photos, etc.). Due to the hassle of moving equipment back and forth, we have always refused “out of house” jobs. We don’t believe we can provide the same quality out there as in the studio.

The PrinceCharger is a portable generator that is said to be the best on the market. We got it last year, with great satisfaction.

How are you doing after getting PrinceCharger’s portable generator?

Today, the business is actually turned on its head. Said with a twinkle in his eye. Since we got our portable generator, we’ve done our part to generate more revenue and take on a lot more jobs – even if they’re out of the house. We do this because we can provide the same quality of work in the studio as in the field. The portable generator gives us power for an entire workday and enables some incredibly fun locations that customers didn’t think were possible.

For example, we’ve been to Råbjerg Mile and taken pictures on a large inflatable boat. Usually not places where you can find electricity for our equipment.

PrinceCharger has actually helped save our business. But it’s also safe to get good customer service and advice. Firstly, it’s an incredibly stable generator that’s easy to carry around and can power all your equipment simultaneously.

Jesper bought 2 generators from us back in December 2021. The 2500-watt PrinceCharger is up to the task and perfectly suited for similar job conditions. With its 2500 max watts, it’s no problem to take your studio on the road. Thanks to Jesper for providing the story.

Do you want to power all your tasks, wherever they are, just like Jesper? Then you can buy PrinceCharger’s portable generator here.

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